When you’re conscious, you knowingly try your best to do everything with intent. My consciousness mostly centers around wellness. Writing grants me the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with you in an unbiased manner. My philosophy from a wellness perspective is as followed.

  • Food as medicine. Health is a life-long journey. I love using food to optimize my state of health whenever I can and is often my first line of defense.
  • Individualized lifestyles. I advocate for individualistic modifications from a holistic approach. We are all made unique. What works for someone may or may not work for you.
  • Power in purchase. A unique concept to make the greatest impact by increasing the demand in conscious products. Anything promoted or reviewed on this site is something I researched and tried myself.
  • Live in balance. I always encourage others to live in balance and sometimes that means eating that chocolate chip cookie you been thinking about all day!
  • Quality over quantity. Content is always intentional and thoughtful. Being a one-woman shop and writing for other publications, I make sure to provide quality, informative reads.