My Story


Hallo! My name is Katherine but you can call me K-LO. A nickname that dates back from the college days.

You are probably here to understand who I am and why you should even read what I write. Much less hire me to write for you. In a nutshell, I love food. So much that I even went to graduate school for it.

A peaceful being here that wants to share the knowledge I have in this noggin to help others in the pursuit of trying to better themselves — all through writing.

My personal health memoir

I grew up in Texas, where the consumption of BBQ and fried foods are encouraged to be devoured. Not knocking on it, it’s the culture and I was immersed in it from birth. Actually, my first job was at a steakhouse!

I used to grub on red meat three times a week and chicken in-between with a side of mac-n-cheese, fries, and sweet tea.

Then I went off to college where Doritos, Wing-stop, and boxed wine came in weekly droves. Towards the end of college, I started experimenting with different diets. Yes, to lose a few extra pounds but also I wanted to feel better.

Cut to trying paleo, with the help of an online health coach, where I was taught to eat small meals with a lot of animal protein, limited veggies, and fat. I did drop the weight with hardcore dieting and exercise. It was an encouraging experience because I reached a goal for graduation but discouraging because I still didn’t feel my best.

In fact, I sought out a Doctor after graduation to help with my health issues. My health issues included bowel movements which didn’t exist, constant fatigue, bi-weekly horn-like pimples, sinus allergies running a muck, eczema on the back of my neck, and stomach pains were of the norm.

My doctor, who also was an advocate for alternative therapies, told me to cut out meat, gluten, and dairy for a month. She also gave me several supplements to aid in digestion. After my appointment, I found myself feeling better day by day. I would still try to relish in the occasional “cheat meal” and found symptoms would resurface almost immediately.

Through trial and research, I went from paleo to plant-based overnight. I tried the plant-based diet for about 8 months and felt, for the majority of the time, great! After eight months, I wanted to see if adding chicken, fish, some cheese and eggs for about a month would be okay. That was a big NOPE!

I decided the taste of cheese could not override the way it made me feel. I made the conscious decision that my well-being was more important to me than the craving for a particular food.

It was intuitive for my growth to listen to my body rather than a short-term desire.

After going plant-based, many if not all symptoms, vanished for me. From there my curiosity grew and I wanted to know more about whole-foods and its ability to help heal various symptoms. Fast forward a year later, I went to graduate school where my studies confirmed I was on the right track for my own well-being.

My curiosity has yet to stop which birthed my own corner in the web sphere — here.

As a Freelance Wellness Writer, food as medicine advocate, and lover of a conscious living, this is me intertwining it all. Please have a look around and read what tickles your fancy. If you are curious about what my writing entails, check out the philosophy page to get a deeper understanding.