Understanding the California Fires – Excerpt

There is no immunity from Mother Nature. This is what I find as I watch the California fires news spread over my google discovery page. The displacement of celebrities from their Malibu homes to their New York townhouses may be easier. While others scramble going to find safety with loved ones or in shelter homes. The luxury is recognizable for the rich. However, this does not create an I, you, or them situation. It creates a narrative of we.

We are not immune to the unraveling of climate change and its destruction. We have to flee mother nature’s fury that once peacefully housed our home. We have to protect, check, and look after our neighbors, our loved ones and ourselves. We have to let go of whatever material possessions will be destroyed.

There is no class system with Her — Mother Nature. She does not care about the color of our skin, our religion, our bank account, our education level, our achievements. She changes because we are Her cause and She shows us the effect. Perhaps, this will lead us to the understanding of our causality as one.

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