Oh, My Scones! [Recipe Review]

This recipe is a keeper for time to come! I believe in my past life, I belonged to another country with all the tea I drink. Where I live, everyone around me is all about the coffee beans. With my love of earl grey tea, extra bergamot please, I wanted to pair it with an intentional pastry that could be made gluten-free and vegan. A savory baked treat that was slightly moist on the inside and hardened on the outside. One that could be easily homemade, versatile ingredients (I left out the blueberries on this one), and stored for the upcoming work week. I present to you the recipe to try out for your UK vibes wherever you are in the world. This one is KLo approved!

Apologies, as I did not save my scone pics from Snapchat like I thought I did. Whoopsy!  You can catch me on Snapchat by the username KLo for all the things I may not remember to save. 

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