When a Physical Injury Insulted My Pride

There was a time, about four years ago, when I could run for a long time. Like the length of time where you question the runner’s insanity. Running for me was the ultimate outlet. You didn’t need any equipment other than comfortable running shoes and clothes with a dope playlist (optional) to get moving. When you find an exercise that becomes a daily release, you tend to hold on to it until injury strikes.

The first injury that really put me on my arse was plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is a runner’s nightmare. Basically, it’s tissue tears at the bottom of your foot that makes walking unbearable. What made matters worse is walking is my means of transportation. You could see me pimp walking around the city for over a year. I did everything one was supposed to do to heal. Laid-off walking as much as possible, bought a really weird night sock that stretches my toes toward my shins and even had to get some steroid cream because it was that painful.

Thankfully, I had a big system release right before the injury happened. I ran a half marathon with a month of preparation. An achievement I always wanted to accomplish and had done so just before the injury struck. Perhaps, the injury was due to my goal but hey, I did 8-½ minute miles and was definitely proud. I wore the injury like a badge of honor.

Fast forward to a few months after full recovery and running started to slowly become a part of my life again until I fell. Like hard! Like the kind of fall you see on Youtube where you feel guilty for laughing but can’t help it because feet went flying in the air. Yeah, that was me. I always wondered what happened to people after those falls. You can rest assure they go straight to the Doc’s office. Only this time, instead of a pimp walk, I was doing the granny cane walk. Hunched over with the preference of either standing or laying down because sitting was a battle.

This is where my pride was bruised along with my back. It took daily pep talks and countless prayers to get me to a place of comfort that I may not be able to run like I use to. Many people would say I was being dramatic because I did not break anything when my sacrum hit the slippery wooden planks. For someone who counted on the runner’s release, it was internally dramatic to my pride. Not being able to catch yourself too was the worse part of the fall. Ironically, I was carrying a gym bag on one shoulder and my laptop bag occupied by the other. Let’s just say I did not make it to the gym that day.  

My bruised back was an injury to be reckoned with. I did all the therapeutic stretches and exercises, walked carefully, iced religiously, fell asleep with my back flat and knees up and maintained an anti-inflammatory diet to help with the healing. Over the course of another year and a half, I did not run for a consecutive three years. It was an adjustment, to say the least. I ended up recovering with the help of my Naturopath who suggested K-laser therapy. Will definitely do a write-up soon on this therapy as it helped me in my last stretch of aches/pains and would highly recommend!   

With any injury, it takes time and patience to fully heal. With this part of my health journey, I tried to do everything as quickly as possible and found it necessary to rush through the work before recovery could actually manifest. With enough will and determination, I set my mind to achieve exactly what I wanted but I also recognize my body might be saying I am ready for a change.   

Did I end up running again? Well yes and no. Running is seldom while walking and studio classes are my newest outlet. With my injuries, it taught me at a certain point in life, I needed to think agilely about your wellness routine.

Lifting weights was also a big part of my life from an early age and doing it in front of a mirror at a gym for forty-five minutes just didn’t sound appealing to me anymore. That’s the beauty of change in wellness. There is more than likely a new class or activity that I can test out and fall in love with. Even it is a home routine. Wellness should be about trying something new for mental and physical health.  As of right now, ClassPass has been a saving grace to discover my newest want and needs when it comes to exercise. ClassPass allows you to discover various forms of exercise in your city such as pilates, yoga, barre, aerial yoga, cycling, kickboxing etc. and at a decent cost. Here’s a discount code that will hook you up with $30 off http://class.ps/khyD0

Whatever form of exercise, I suggest to do it with gusto! There is limited time in life but this doesn’t mean my life has to be limited. Look at the life people make for themselves after a serious accident and achieve their fullest potential. It’s all through intent and a will to do so injury or not. Wellness can be a breath of fresh air and has changed my perspective on my own potential strength once pride steps aside.

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